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Divorce Financial Planning

Hi, my name is Karin Kidikian, principal of Kidikian Consulting. I am a CPA, CA living in Toronto, Ontario. Having experienced divorce myself I know how overwhelming this process can be, not to mention costly. Working as a designated accountant for 15+ years, I have the knowledge and resources to help you with your divorce accounting and personal finances during this difficult time at a very reasonable rate.

Divorce is one of the hardest things most people will ever deal with, often being compared to the death of a loved one. To ensure that this process moves smoothly and quickly, it is important to surround yourself with an effective support system, including professionals who can guide you.

A key part of this process that divorcing couples often overlook is the significant financial preparation involved. Ontario family law has specific financial disclosure requirements that lawyers and mediators abide by. Gathering and presenting your financial information can be a stressful exercise for most, especially in cases where one spouse is in control of the finances leaving the other in the dark.

Here’s where I can help. With both my professional and personal experiences, I can prepare and guide you through this process in a way that will simplify it for you and your family.

Please call/text me at 416-320-3846 or email to set up a free half hour phone consultation.

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