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Professional Services:

  • provide guidance on what to expect and how to prepare for the financial aspects of a divorce

  • prepare complete and accurate financial statements and net family property statements, as per Ontario Family Law financial disclosure requirements

  • calculate income for support purposes, in accordance with the federal child support guidelines.

  • assist in tax matters pertaining to family assets.

  • analyst large volumes of financial data to provide an accurate representation of the facts

  • investigate suspicious financial transactions, using forensic accounting techniques

  • assess client's current financial state and future needs, with the use of appropriate financial models

  • assist with financial planning for the future

  • providing tax advice

  • liaise between client and legal counsel, if requested  

  • prepare affidavits and testifying in court to that effect

Free Consultation 

The initial 20 min phone consultation to discuss your financial matters is FREE. During this initial meeting, I will explain the financial disclosure required by Ontario Family Law and how to best prepare your finances for your divorce proceedings. I will also outline for you the fees associated with my services as they pertain to your case.

Phone & Email Support 

You can reach me by phone 416.488.4689 or email for financial advice pertaining to your case.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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