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What They're Saying...

"Because she has "been there" herself, is extremely attuned to the emotional challenges, and is also extremely qualified and knowledgeable about numbers and finances, a very intimidating area to many, I feel that she can offer unique information and support to [divorcing individuals]. I highly endorse her, both skill-wise and personality-wise." Rosanna Breitman, Lawyer, Mediator, Dispute Resolution Specialist
" When my husband and I decided to separate after more than 30 years, we decided to go the Collaborative route. It was new to us, but we knew it was the approach we wanted to preserve all the positive things we had built together. We realized quickly that to deal with assets, property, support and on and on…(or so it felt!), we needed an accountant trained in the collaborative process who understood both the financial picture and the personal goals we had set. Karin gave us the most wonderful attention and support through the whole process. Her tireless attention to the smallest detail, made me feel secure and protected.
Going through this process was stressful, sad, overwhelming, but every time I spoke with Karin, I felt calm and clear. Somehow Karin made both “sides” feel listened to and supported. Of course, she is amazing at the number crunching, but what sets her apart is her kind, gentle and patient empathy. We always knew we could reach out and ask a question or have something explained (again) and be taken through it all step by step. I felt safer knowing Karin was part of the process that was determining how my future was going to look. That is a huge responsibility, and Karin just shines in this incredibly delicate role. It is not an exaggeration to say that Karin felt like a lifeline to me."  CSR, Client                                       
Read about me in the August 2017 issue of the Neighbours of Lawrence Park North magazine
"When the divorce lawyers first suggested an independent financial intermediary, I was somewhat skeptical,  as I knew what and where our financial assets were, so why add that extra layer.
Karin immediately proved me well as being extremely personable, her knowledge, thoroughness and efficiency were second to none.
Karin, having been involved herself in a divorce situation, knew all the aspects of what was required...and then proceeded to sort them in a very professional, fair, and in-depth manner.  
Not that one aspires to require her services, but should that situation arise, you could not make a better choice of who to use to sort out all the matrimonial finances." GR, Client                     
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